Index of values

(+) [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
(-) [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
(land) [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
(lor) [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
(lsl) [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
(lsr) [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
(lxor) [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]

accumulate [Nocrypto.Rng.S.Generator]
accumulate ~g is a closure suitable for incrementally feeding small amounts of environmentally sourced entropy into g.
add16 [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.Counter]
add4 [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.Counter]
add8 [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.Counter]
attach [Nocrypto_entropy_mirage]
attach e g starts seeding g from the entropy provider e and returns the token to stop the seeding.
attach [Nocrypto_entropy_lwt]
attach ~period ~device g instruments the lwt event loop to mix in bytes from device into g whenever external events cause the loop to wake up, but no more often than once every period seconds.

bit_bound [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
bits [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
block [Nocrypto.Rng.S.Generator]
Internally, this generator's generate always produces k * block bytes.
block [Nocrypto.Rng]
Block size of g or default generator.
block [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.Core]
block_size [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CCM]
block_size [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.GCM]
block_size [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CTR]
block_size [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CBC]
block_size [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.ECB]

create [Nocrypto.Rng.S.Generator]
Create a new, unseeded g.
create [Nocrypto.Rng]
create module uses a module conforming to the Generator signature to instantiate the generic generator g.

d_of_secret [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.Core]
decode [Nocrypto.Base64]
decrypt [Nocrypto.Rsa.OAEP]
decrypt ~mask ~label ~key ciphertext is Some message if the ciphertext was produced by the corresponding encrypt operation, or None otherwise.
decrypt [Nocrypto.Rsa.PKCS1]
decrypt mask key ciphertext is Some message if the ciphertext was produced by the corresponding encrypt operation, or None otherwise.
decrypt [Nocrypto.Rsa]
decrypt mask key ciphertext is the decrypted ciphertext, left-padded with 0x00 up to key size.
decrypt [Nocrypto.Cipher_stream.S]
decrypt [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CCM]
decrypt [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.GCM]
decrypt [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CTR]
decrypt [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CBC]
decrypt [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.ECB]
decrypt [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.Core]
digest [Nocrypto.Hash.S]
Compute the digest.
digest [Nocrypto.Hash]
digest_size [Nocrypto.Hash.S]
Size of hash results, in bytes.
digest_size [Nocrypto.Hash]
digestv [Nocrypto.Hash.S]
Compute the digest.

e_of_secret [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.Core]
encode [Nocrypto.Base64]
encrypt [Nocrypto.Rsa.OAEP]
encrypt ~g ~label ~key message is OAEP-padded and encrypted message, using the optional label.
encrypt [Nocrypto.Rsa.PKCS1]
encrypt g key message is a PKCS1-padded (type 2) and encrypted message.
encrypt [Nocrypto.Rsa]
encrypt key message is the encrypted message.
encrypt [Nocrypto.Cipher_stream.S]
encrypt [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CCM]
encrypt [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.GCM]
encrypt [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CTR]
encrypt ~key ~ctr ~off msg is (stream ~key ~ctr ~off (len msg)) xor msg.
encrypt [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CBC]
encrypt [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.ECB]
encrypt [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.Core]

feed [Nocrypto.Hash.S]
Hash the input, updating the state.
ffdhe2048 [Nocrypto.Dh.Group]
ffdhe3072 [Nocrypto.Dh.Group]
ffdhe4096 [Nocrypto.Dh.Group]
ffdhe6144 [Nocrypto.Dh.Group]
ffdhe8192 [Nocrypto.Dh.Group]

gen [Nocrypto.Rng.S.N]
gen ~g n picks a value in the interval [0, n - 1] uniformly at random.
gen_bits [Nocrypto.Rng.S.N]
gen_bits ~g ~msb n picks a bit-string n bits long, with msb most significant bits set, and interprets it as a t in big-endidan.
gen_group [Nocrypto.Dh]
gen_group bits generates a random with modulus size bits.
gen_key [Nocrypto.Dh]
Generate a random Nocrypto.Dh.secret and the corresponding public key.
gen_r [Nocrypto.Rng.S.N]
gen_r ~g low high picks a value from the interval [low, high - 1] uniformly at random.
generate [Nocrypto.Dsa.K_gen]
generate key digest deterministically takes the given private key and message digest to a k suitable for seeding the signing process.
generate [Nocrypto.Dsa]
generate g size is a fresh private key.
generate [Nocrypto.Rsa]
generate g e bits is a new priv.
generate [Nocrypto.Rng.S.Generator]
generate ~g n produces n uniformly distributed random bytes, updating the state of g.
generate [Nocrypto.Rng]
Invoke generate on g or default generator.
generator [Nocrypto.Rng]
Default generator.
get [Nocrypto.Hash.S]
Extract the digest; state becomes invalid.

hmac [Nocrypto.Hash.S]
hmac ~key bytes is authentication code for bytes under the secret key, generated using the standard HMAC construction over this hash algorithm.

incr1 [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.Counter]
incr16 [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.Counter]
incr2 [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.Counter]
incr4 [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.Counter]
incr8 [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.Counter]
init [Nocrypto.Hash.S]
Create a new hash state.
initialize [Nocrypto_entropy_mirage]
Starts seeding the current default generator and stops the previous seeding process started through the same function.
initialize [Nocrypto_entropy_lwt]
Immediately seeds the current defalt generator using Nocrypto_entropy_unix.initialize.
initialize [Nocrypto_entropy_unix]
Seeds the current defalt generator from the system RNG device if it is currently unseeded.
into_cstruct_be [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
is_base64_char [Nocrypto.Base64]

key [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.Core]
key_of_secret [Nocrypto.Dh]
key_of_secret group s is the Nocrypto.Dh.secret and the corresponding public key which use s as the secret exponent.
key_sizes [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CCM]
key_sizes [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.GCM]
key_sizes [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CTR]
key_sizes [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CBC]
key_sizes [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.ECB]

mac [Nocrypto.Hash]
mac_sizes [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CCM]
massage [Nocrypto.Dsa]
massage key digest is the numeric value of digest taken modulo q and represented in the leftmost bits(q) bits of the result.
mode [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.AES]
module_of [Nocrypto.Hash]
modulus_size [Nocrypto.Dh]
Bit size of the modulus.

next_iv [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CBC]
next_iv iv ciphertext for a ciphertext and an iv it was computed with is the iv to use to encrypt the next message, for protocols which perform inter-message chaining.

oakley_1 [Nocrypto.Dh.Group]
oakley_14 [Nocrypto.Dh.Group]
oakley_15 [Nocrypto.Dh.Group]
oakley_16 [Nocrypto.Dh.Group]
oakley_17 [Nocrypto.Dh.Group]
oakley_18 [Nocrypto.Dh.Group]
oakley_2 [Nocrypto.Dh.Group]
oakley_5 [Nocrypto.Dh.Group]
of_cstruct_be [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
of_int [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
of_int32 [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
of_int64 [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
of_secret [Nocrypto.Cipher_stream.S]
of_secret [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CCM]
of_secret [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.GCM]
of_secret [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CTR]
of_secret [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CBC]
of_secret [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.ECB]
of_secret [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.Core]
one [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]

pp_print [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
pred [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
prime [Nocrypto.Rng]
prime ~g ~msb bits generates a prime smaller than 2^bits, with msb most significant bits set.
priv_bits [Nocrypto.Rsa]
Bit-size of a private key.
priv_of_primes [Nocrypto.Rsa]
priv_of_primes e p q creates priv from a minimal description: the public exponent and the two primes.
pseudoprime [Nocrypto.Numeric]
Miller-Rabin with sane rounds parameter.
pub_bits [Nocrypto.Rsa]
Bit-size of a public key.
pub_of_priv [Nocrypto.Dsa]
Extract the public component from a private key.
pub_of_priv [Nocrypto.Rsa]
Extract the public component from a private key.

reseed [Nocrypto_entropy_unix]
reseed ~bytes ~g mixes in bytes bytes from the system RNG into the generator g.
reseed [Nocrypto.Rng.S.Generator]
reseed ~g bytes directly updates g.
rfc_5114_1 [Nocrypto.Dh.Group]
rfc_5114_2 [Nocrypto.Dh.Group]
rfc_5114_3 [Nocrypto.Dh.Group]

safe_prime [Nocrypto.Rng]
safe_prime ~g bits gives a prime pair (g, p) such that p = 2g + 1 and p has bits significant bits.
seeded [Nocrypto.Rng.S.Generator]
seeded ~g is true iff operations won't throw Unseeded_generator.
shared [Nocrypto.Dh]
shared group secret message is Some key, the shared key, given a group, a previously generated Nocrypto.Dh.secret and the other party's public message.
sig_decode [Nocrypto.Rsa.PKCS1]
sig_decode key signature is either Some message if the signature was produced with the given key as per sign, or None
sig_encode [Nocrypto.Rsa.PKCS1]
sig_encode mask key message is the PKCS1-padded (type 1) message signed by the key.
sign [Nocrypto.Dsa]
sign mask k fips key digest is the signature, a pair of Cstruct.ts representing r and s in big-endian.
sign [Nocrypto.Rsa.PSS]
sign ~g ~slen ~key message the -padded digest of message, signed with the key.
sources [Nocrypto_entropy_mirage]
Entropy.sources set up with the last initialize.
stop [Nocrypto_entropy_lwt]
Stops the reseeding task associated with t.
stream [Nocrypto.Cipher_block.S.CTR]
stream ~key ~ctr ~off n is the first n bytes obtained by encrypting and concatenating blocks c(0), c(1), ..., where c(0) is ctr, and c(n + 1) is c(n) + 1 interpreted in big-endian.
succ [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
sys_rng [Nocrypto_entropy_unix]
Detected system RNG device.

to_cstruct_be [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
to_int [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
to_int32 [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]
to_int64 [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]

verify [Nocrypto.Dsa]
verify fips key (r, s) digest verifies that the pair (r, s) is the signature of digest, the message digest, under the private counterpart to key.
verify [Nocrypto.Rsa.PSS]
verify ~slen ~key ~signature message checks whether signature is a valid PSS signature of the message under the given key.

zero [Nocrypto.Numeric.S]