Module Nocrypto_entropy_lwt

module Nocrypto_entropy_lwt: sig .. end
RNG seeding on Lwt/Unix.

This module provides RNG seeding from the Unix kernel RNG, typically

. It uses Lwt for periodic background reseeding.

Calling initialize is enough to bring the RNG into a working state. In addition, a background task is set up to periodically reseed the RNG.

initialize is idempotent as long as the default generator is unchanged. It is harmless to call it several times.

Note that initialize returns a thread. While the reseeding task has only been created once this thread completes, the initial seeding is done before the function returns. Is is safe to use the RNG immediately after the invocation.


Seed during module initialization, not waiting for the background seeding to start:

let _ = Nocrypto_entropy_lwt.initialize () 

Seed just before the main function, not waiting for the background seeding to start:

let () =
  ignore (Nocrypto_entropy_lwt.initialize ()); (main ()) 

Seed just before the main function, and wait for the background seeding to start before proceeding:

let () = (Nocrypto_entropy_lwt.initialize () >>= main) 

Default generator initialization

val initialize : unit -> unit Lwt.t
Immediately seeds the current defalt generator using Nocrypto_entropy_unix.initialize. The initial seeding is finished before the function returns.

It then invokes attach. Once the returned thread completes, a background reseeding task has been attached to the defalt generator.

Background seeding

type t 
Represents background reseeding task.
val attach : period:int ->
?device:string -> Nocrypto.Rng.g -> t Lwt.t
attach ~period ~device g instruments the lwt event loop to mix in bytes from device into g whenever external events cause the loop to wake up, but no more often than once every period seconds.

device defaults to Nocrypto_entropy_unix.sys_rng.

val stop : t -> unit Lwt.t
Stops the reseeding task associated with t. Idempotent.