Module type Nocrypto.Hash.S

module type S = sig .. end
A single hash algorithm.

type t 
Hash state.
val digest_size : int
Size of hash results, in bytes.
val init : unit -> t
Create a new hash state.
val feed : t -> Cstruct.t -> unit
Hash the input, updating the state.
val get : t -> Cstruct.t
Extract the digest; state becomes invalid.
val digest : Cstruct.t -> Cstruct.t
Compute the digest.
val digestv : Cstruct.t list -> Cstruct.t
Compute the digest.
val hmac : key:Cstruct.t -> Cstruct.t -> Cstruct.t
hmac ~key bytes is authentication code for bytes under the secret key, generated using the standard HMAC construction over this hash algorithm.