Module Nocrypto_entropy_unix

module Nocrypto_entropy_unix: sig .. end
RNG seeding on Unix.

This module provides one-shot RNG seeding from the Unix kernel RNG, typically


Calling initialize is enough to bring the RNG into a working state.

initialize is idempotent as long as the default generator is unchanged. It is harmless to call it several times.

If you are using lwt, conside using Nocrypto_entropy_lwt as this module allows for continuous reseeding.

Unless you want to recover from an unlikely case of missing system RNG, the recommended way to prime the RNG is to invoke initialize at the module level:

let () = Nocrypto_entropy_unix.initialize () 

Default generator initialization

val initialize : unit -> unit
Seeds the current defalt generator from the system RNG device if it is currently unseeded.

This is the closest thing to Random.self_init and is a good way to prime the RNG.

Manual seeding

val sys_rng : string
Detected system RNG device.
val reseed : ?bytes:int -> ?device:string -> Nocrypto.Rng.g -> unit
reseed ~bytes ~g mixes in bytes bytes from the system RNG into the generator g.

bytes default to a small value reasonable for periodic reseeding.

device defaults to sys_rng.