Module X509_lwt

module X509_lwt: sig .. end

X.509 certificate handling using Lwt.

type priv = X509.Certificate.t list * Nocrypto.Rsa.priv 

private material: a certificate chain and a RSA private key

type authenticator = X509.Authenticator.t 


val private_of_pems : cert:Lwt_io.file_name -> priv_key:Lwt_io.file_name -> priv Lwt.t

private_of_pems ~cert ~priv_key is priv, after reading the private key and certificate chain from the given PEM-encoded files.

val certs_of_pem : Lwt_io.file_name -> X509.Certificate.t list Lwt.t

certs_of_pem file is certificates, which are read from the PEM-encoded file.

val certs_of_pem_dir : Lwt_io.file_name -> X509.Certificate.t list Lwt.t

certs_of_pem_dir dir is certificates, which are read from all PEM-encoded files in dir.

val authenticator : [ `Ca_dir of Lwt_io.file_name
| `Ca_file of Lwt_io.file_name
| `Hex_key_fingerprints of
Nocrypto.Hash.hash * ('a Domain_name.t * string) list
| `Key_fingerprints of
Nocrypto.Hash.hash * ('a Domain_name.t * Cstruct.t) list
| `No_authentication_I'M_STUPID ] -> authenticator Lwt.t

authenticator methods constructs an authenticator using the specified method and data.